Character Animation On A Budget

Video Software – Explaindio Pro
Free Music – FreePD

Let's look at character animation on a budget.

This example is only one slide but you can put several slides together to make a story:

That's only really quick because I use these videos as short promotional videos on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media to grab people's attention and to get them to come to my website.

I want to make these as quick as possible so I normally just use one scene.

The software is Explaindio Pro and this is $59 for the year. You can also join their template club for seven days as a trial for $1 and I recommend joining that for a week, download all the resources, and then cancel it. You'll get extra videos, slides, images, and illustrations.

create project

So let's create a new project then create a new scene by clicking the plus sign.

add slide

We then click ‘add slide' and I think this is one of the ones that come with the software rather than the extra $1. We'll click on businessman character and this is the slide I'll be using.

You can make up a story like introducing the character, saying some of his problems and then say how everything's now fine and he used this product to do it.

You can also add other slides from different packs on the left. There are lots of slides and some other characters like businesswomen, construction worker, and doctor. I'm only going to add this slide so click ‘Add single'.

I don't want it to sketch at the beginning so I'll click ‘don't sketch'.


If I was just adding some sketches, illustrations, images or text I would use this canvas view but because I'm using a slide we close the canvas.

add text

I'm going to customize the text so click ‘slide' then ‘customize this animation'.

edit text

My normal phrase is ‘free images for your website blog or social media'. This is for my other website so I add that in the text areas.

change color

The only thing I want to do is put a bit of a shadow on the text and maybe change the color of I change Font FX to ‘strong shadow'  and change the color of text area 4 to stand out more.

I preview and am happy with that. All I'm trying to do is grab attention and say ‘come over to my website'. I do find these work better than images and text so I've made lots of these.

extend slide

I want to make it stay longer on the screen so go to SWF and I'm just going to pause at the end.

It's 129 frames long so I'll go to frame 129 and add 60 which is 2.5 seconds.

l pause it so it stays on the screen as on Facebook or Twitter it would disappear and go back to the beginning if I didn't.

music for video

All we need to do now is add some music so we click on the audio button and tick music. With Explaindio these audio files are very slow so I can get music online.

I use the website and get music from the categories acoustic, cinematic or simple. You can listen to the clips and download them.

Click browse and select the downloaded music.

create video

Preview the video and if it's ok then all we need to do is click on ‘create video'.

Make sure it's saving to the right folder using the browse button and click start to export the video.

If it's a long video you might want to use different settings but the default settings are fine for a short video.

Give it a name and click save. It takes less than a minute to process.

That's fine he's waving his arms in the air and saying come to my website come and get free images

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