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Here is the best free word cloud generator to make word clouds like this:

word clouds

Those are a few examples and here are some advanced examples:

advanced word art

In the past I've made many word clouds and put them inside a frame like in a laptop or on a suitcase:

blogpiks word clouds

I also added backgrounds to make the word cloud stand out more.

I tried a lot of programs both online and offline and this was by far the best one. It used to be called Tagul and now it's called You do have to sign up but you can download them for free.

Click ‘create now' and let's create a new one. I'll make a heart something like the one above.

clear words

First of all, I need some words to go in there. I'm going to delete the current ones so click ‘clear'.

keyword tool

A tool I use to get the words is the microstockgroup keyword tool. Put one word like love and choose how many images to show. 10 is plenty for this.

keywords used

Click Submit, select all the images and submit again. It will give us a list of words that people used in the images so we can just click the ones we want.

Select 20 or more words then click on the gathered words. It will select them and you can use ctrl-C to copy.

enter wordcloud words

Go back to Wordart and click ‘import words' then paste the words.

You could also use a web page and it will grab the words from that page but I'm going to add these as text and then click ‘import words'.

You can also remove words like ‘a' and ‘the' or remove numbers if you want to.

visualize wordcloud

I've imported those so let's just click on visualize and see what it looks like. Already we can see we've used the words there and they're all mixed up – some bigger some smaller.

Let's do some customizing to make it look nice.

heart shape

I clicked shapes then selected a heart shape and clicked ‘visualize' again.

choose fonts

The next thing is the fonts. You can choose a font here or what I quite often do is hold down the control key and select many fonts so it looks a bit more random. Let's visualize again and it looks nicer random.

random text

In layout, we can choose the angle of the text such as horizontal and vertical or sloping. I have chosen random and visualized it. We can also make the word size maximize or use the size from the columns under the ‘words' tab.

text size

Back in the words tab, we can actually change the size of individual words. For example, if we want the word love bigger we can make it 10 and it will make this word a lot bigger than the others.

You can even change the color, angle or font of a particular word.

If you only want that word love to appear once then you can uncheck the ‘repeat' column. For this example, I will leave all the words small.

number of words

Back in layout, we can choose how many words we use by selecting ‘define'. If we think there are too many words we can make fewer words. Let's just visualize again.

A good way to do it is set words to 5-600, visualize, then reduce the words to around 200 without visualizing again. This way it will remove the small words and not look so crowded as it leaves a bit of space between them.

select colors

Let's go down to colors and what it'll do by default is use the colors of the shape.

This shape was red and by default that will make it red but if we uncheck that then it will use the colors on the right. You can add more random colors by clicking the random button and remove individual colors by clicking the cross that appears as you hover over them.

select colors

Another way is the drop-down color box where I can just choose reds and pinks.

background color

With ‘shape transparency' you can change the darkness of the shape color. With ‘background color' you can change the color of the whole background and if you check ‘transparent' then there will be no background.

If you're using a dark background you'll want to have the word colors very light colors and if you use a light background you'll want to have dark word colors.

The rollover options are if we're using it as an animated gif but we're not doing that at the moment.

save word cloud

I think that looks good so I'm going to click download and share. For free you get the standard quality PNG. If you want the other ones then you have to pay.

We're just going to download the free one and it is plenty big enough – I think about 600 pixels – which is ok to use for your website or social media.

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