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Here is how to make free word clouds with different shapes. We'll be using this example here:

word art shape

We are using which is a free service so let's go to create. I've already done a video on all the different things you can do with this which you can see here.


In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to use a custom shape so I'll go over to and do a search for spaceship.

I want to make sure that we can use it for free so I'll click free on the left and if you like you can select ‘for commercial use'.

I think these look quite good and you can use them on your blog or social media to attract people's attention.

Another way if you are not using them for commercial use is to let kids make them during the school holidays.

I selected the first one and clicked PNG to download.

add shape

In we click create then go to the shapes tab and click ‘add image'. Select the shape we downloaded.

import shape

Adjust the settings to get the best image and click okay. Let's visualize that to check it worked okay.

Next thing we need to do is put some nice words on it.

find words

Go to microstockgroup keyword tool and search for ‘spaceship'. Submit and select all 10 images.

relevant words

Click at least 20 relevant words, click on the words on the right to select them, then ctrl-C to copy them.

Click ‘clear all' to remove the current words then ‘import words' and copy the words from the clipboard. Visualize again.


The picture isn't very dark, especially the gray, so I think it's good to choose some bold fonts. Hold down the Ctrl key then select some bold ones and visualize again.


I'll choose a and check ‘define' for the words amount. A good way to do it is choose something like 600 words, visualize, then change to 200 words. It will remove the smallest words and look less cluttered.

shape transparency

We can make the background stand out a bit more by adjusting ‘shape transparency' but shouldn't add too much.


To download it click on SQ (standard quality). That one is for free.

As I say, you can use these in your blog and social media to get people's attention.

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