Want To Step Up Your Halloween Marketing? You Need To See This

Halloween Images

Pixlr Express

To step up your Halloween marketing with images let's look at a statistic from Buzzsumo.

They did research on over a million blogs and found that on average if you have an article with around 75 to 100 words per image it gets double the shares.

buzzsumo statistics

With lots of images and not much text, the number of shares is about a third and with lots of text and not many images and the number of shares is half compared with this 75 to 100 sweet spot.

Another statistic is from Buffer and their research found that tweets with images received 150% more retweets than without.

A good place to get Halloween images is Blogpiks.com which is my website. Do a search for Halloween.

blogpiks halloween

It has 38,000 images which are free to use on your social media, blog, website or presentations for private or commercial use.

I own the copyright to these images and give my permission for you to use them.

A lot of the images are Square so you might want to crop them a bit. You can do that by clicking the ‘Express' button on the image page where it can be edited with Pixlr Express.

You can also do other things in Pixlr express like add text, add a border, change the colors or add stickers.

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