Do You Need Halloween Images?

These Halloween images are special because many of them have text that can be used to boost your message. Find them here.

Statistics show that images in your blog articles boost social media shares. Research by Buzzsumo on 1 million blog posts found that an image every 75 – 100 words more than doubles the shares.

The images are free to use on your blogs, websites, social media or presentations and there is no backlink necessary.

They can be used for commercial or personal projects.

image buttons

There is a button next to each image which you can use to send a picture tweet (the buffer button).

There is also a button for editing the image in Pixlr Express (the express button) where you can crop the image to fit your purpose, add text, add a border, change colors and much more.

There are a total of 38,000 images so just do an image search at

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