Quick Promotional Videos Using Explaindio Video Creator

Video Software – Explaindio Pro
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Here we make a quick promotional video using Explaindio Video Creator. It will look like this:

It's a really quick video and I use these on my social media like Facebook and Twitter as they get people's attention and get people to click through to the website, blog, or YouTube video.

I find these work a lot better than images and much better than text.

I'm gonna use Explaindio Pro for this. It costs $59 for the year and you can also pay an extra dollar and join the template membership club for one week as a trial. I downloaded a bunch of stuff like background videos, slides and illustrations during that week then cancelled the subscription and that's what I recommend.

I have a video which explains where to get some different free videos, music and other resources and you can see that here.

create project

I'll create a new project and call it quickmessage02 then click on the plus sign to create a new scene.

add slide

I click on ‘add animation/slide' and click add Explaindio slide. Some of the slide packs came with the program and some with the dollar trial.

I'll use kinetic typography 2 and slide 08. There are lots of different slides here and you find one that fits what you're doing. You can add them together if you've got a long message.

In my case, I like to do them really quick so I'm just going to choose one slide and click ‘Add single'.

I don't want it to be sketched by hand so I'm gonna check ‘don't sketch'.

With slides, you don't edit in the canvas so click ‘close canvas'.  The canvas view is if we were adding text and images individually.

customize slide

I'll click on slide and ‘customize this animation' and we can customize the text.

add text

I'll play it first but because I'm at the end of the timeline I'll click stop and then play.

I'll pause it while I've got all the text on the screen.

I'll click on the text areas in turn and edit the text.

If we want we can finish there and it will look good but for this example I will add a video background. I might also change the color of the text.

It's good to save as we go along so I'll click on save.

add video

I'm going to look now at the background so we'll click on video and let's browse for some.

background videos

Here we've got all the videos that I got either with the package or the extra $1. There's a total of about 200 and I'll choose one of these.

If you hover the mouse over a thumbnail it tells you the length. You can click the right mouse in a space and do a sort by length so it makes the shortest ones at the top and as you go down they get longer.


I'll choose one and it takes a few seconds to process. I think it looks good but I do want to change the color of the text.

If you don't want to add a video at the back you could add an image.

change color

I click stop, play, and pause to get all the text on the screen so I can customize the text. I change the colors and select ‘black clone shift' which is like a shadow.

move text

I'll make the text a bit bigger for blogpiks.com so adjust the font size. This text is on slides at the back so you can't always make them bigger as sometimes they'll chop off part of it.

It needs to come up a little bit and you can move it using the offsets.

extend slide

The only thing I need to do now is put in a delay at the end to keep it going on a bit longer. I click this SWF and this is 129 long.

At the end everything disappears so I want to add a delay before the end, maybe at 120.

I'll add two or three seconds so 60 frames is ok.

If I preview I'm happy with that. When people are scrolling their Twitter or Facebook feed I think that'll stand out that'll grab their attention. They'll check what it is and if interested they'll click on the link.

music for video
All we need to do now is add some music so we click on the audio button and tick music. With Explaindio these audio files are very slow so I can get music online. Only 15% of videos are watched with music so it's hardly worth it but I think we'll add it anyway.

I use the website FreePD.com and get music from the categories acoustic, cinematic or simple. You can listen to the clips and download them.
Click browse and select the downloaded music.
create video
Preview the video and if it's ok then all we need to do is click on ‘create video'.  Make sure it's saving to the right folder using the browse button and click start to export the video. If it's a long video you might want to use different settings but the default settings are fine for a short video.

If it's a long video you might want to use different settings but the default settings are fine for a short video.

Give it a name and click save. It takes less than a minute to process.

That's fine. We could make it a little bit longer if we wanted and you can even put pauses between each of the parts coming down if you like. That would be done in SWF.

I use these videos a lot to promote my YouTube tutorials or blog articles on social media.

I make lots of them and upload them to Twitter and Facebook and schedule them at different times so that it keeps my promotion going.

I do find short videos like this get more clicks and retweets than images or text.

So the software again is Explaindio Pro. There are lots of upsells and downsells when buying the software but I think all you really need if is to pay an extra $1 for the 7-day membership club trial and get some extra videos, images etc that you can download then cancel the subscription to that.

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