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Buzzsumo did research on over 100 million articles. They looked into how to increase your social media shares and found a way to double the shares. They looked at how many images you have on an article.

blog text

So let's first give you an example. Here, this article has an image then some text, an image then some text etc. They were looking at how many words per image and what they found was that the optimum amount was between 75 and 100 words and then include one image. These are relevant images of course.

not enough text

If we look above, we see 0 to 25 words so this is lots of images with not so much text.

best amount of text

You can see here that 75-100 words per image gives many more shares than just having images only or just a little bit of text and images. 0-25 is nearly 40 and 75-100 is 140 so that's more than three times the shares.

too much text

As you've got fewer images you, therefore, increase the number of words per image. The shares are about 70 just going up to 150 to 175 words for every image so the number of shares halved. This shows that it is definitely worth keeping to 75-100.


What I've noticed on a lot of articles is that people put an image at the beginning and then have the article and no more images.

There are no images on the text above and it looks boring. This type of article gets fewer shares.

right amount of text

Here is a good example. You should go for this here – seventy-five to a hundred words then have another image, a relevant image.

If you want to get images a popular place is which has a lot of photos.


There's also my website here where you can get free images. There are 38,000 images in different categories and this is quite useful as a lot have got text which will reinforce your message.

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