Use Text Animation To Get Clicks From Social Media

Video Software – Explaindio Pro
Free Music – FreePD

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to make a text animation that looks good on social media and encourages people to click through to your article.

That's a really quick video but you can make them longer. There are slides that are different lengths or you can join them together.

I'll be using Explaindio Pro and I make lots of short videos using this software. I promote my blog articles or YouTube videos on social media to get people to click through. It works a lot better than images or just text.

Explaindio Pro costs $59 for one year which is pretty good and I joined their monthly template club for seven days for $1.  You can download a bunch of resources with that and I stopped after the trial run with enough resources to make lots of videos.

I have a separate video about buying Explaindio Pro and some free resources which you can find here.

create project

Let's create a new project then create a new slide.

add animation slide

There are lots of different things you can add but I'm going to add an animation slide. This is one of the slides that came in the monthly trial.

Kinetic typography has some different lengths so you can choose the one you like.

My message is really short. I've just made a sentence ‘Looking for free images for your blog? Check out'.

It's only ten words and I'm going to put ‘' on a separate text layer so it stays on the screen longer and I can make it really big.

I click ‘add single'.

don't sketch

I don't want to sketch the scene by hand so click ‘don't sketch'.

There are two different ways of editing in Explaindio – using the canvas or slides editing. In this case, we're not using the canvas so I'll click ‘close canvas'.

customize slide

I'll click on slide and ‘customize this animation' and we'll customize the text first.

enter text

There are 11 text areas and I have 10 words. will go on a separate text slide so I have 9. I will, therefore, put the question mark in a separate text field and leave one blank.

As I go along I save the screen just in case something happens because it is doing a lot of different things.

text color

Next, I'll do the colors for the text.

So I can see the text, I click on the slide on the timeline to restart the animation then click pause when the text is on the screen.

The text doesn't stand out enough for my liking so I want to make the black more black and the red redder. I want to do the important words in red.

I go through each text area changing the color.

adjust layout

Let's go back to the beginning and do the layout.

Some text is squashed together and other text too far apart so we can use the offsets to move them. We can keep playing and pausing to check all words.

The text is on small plates that move around so sometimes you can make the text bigger and sometimes you can't. It depends on the size of the plate that's moving.

I have added a strong shadow to the red text to make it stand out more and adjusted all of the text areas so it looks good.

You can change the font and background as well but I just want to make these videos really quickly so don't usually change those.

add delay

When we preview it is rather quick so we can add some delays in the swf tab.

The total video lasts 102 frames which is only about four seconds as it's 24 frames to a second.

I'll pause it after free images and again after blog so we have to pause where we want it to stop, check the timeline, then estimate the frames. You can make it pause for 30 frames or so to check you have the correct place then reduce the pause to 10 or 15 frames.

text background

With ‘check out' I think outlined will look good. Click the ‘outline' tab and click the boxes on the left till you get the correct one.

Keep previewing and make any adjustments.

Once happy with it I'll open the canvas because I'm adding text rather than a slide for the final part.

add text

Let's click ‘add text' and I'm going to write

I'm going to make it bigger by moving the handles and change the font. I'll make it red to match that other text.

add text

I'll add an effect so click ‘add new effect' and choose ‘zoom in' from the ‘animation presets'.

I'll add ‘black clone shift 1' to make a shadow under the text.

At the moment I'd have a problem because this text is underneath the slide and the slide is what's giving me the background. If I previewed it at the moment I wouldn't be able to see the text. So, on the timeline, I'm going to move the text above the slide.

Also, I want the text to go after the slide, so move it further along the timeline to start after the slide finishes.

extend time

One more thing, I want this to stay on the screen a bit longer so I again close the canvas and go to effects. I'll make that stay for about three seconds.

If you don't make that stay on the screen then with Twitter and Facebook it will stop playing and go back to the beginning of the video which you don't want.

If you want to add some music you can click on audio and add some. I often use for good music.

create video

Preview the video and if it's ok then all we need to do is click on ‘create video'.  Make sure it's saving to the right folder using the browse button and click start to export the video. If it's a long video you might want to use different settings but the default settings are fine for a short video.

Give it a name and click save. It takes less than a minute to process.

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