Free And Low Cost Video Promotion Resources

Video software – Explaindio and VideomakerFX
Free Videos – Pixabay Videos or Pexels Videos
More Videos – Videoblocks
Free Music – FreePD
More Music – Audioblocks
Free Images – Blogpiks or Pixabay
More Images – Graphicstock
Free and Paid Illustrations – Iconfinder

In this tutorial I want to show you some resources for making videos like promo, animated and explainer videos.

We'll be looking at software, videos for text backgrounds, music and illustrations that we can use in the videos.

All these resources are either free or low-cost.


The first one is Explaindio and this is a software I use myself. I make affiliate commission on this and some of the others but they are ones I recommend and this is software I use myself.

With Explaindio you can make things like whiteboard videos where you've got a hand writing text, illustrations, a video with text on top, character animations or text animations and other things like that.

The cost if you're just using it for your own projects or website is $59 a year and if you want to sell the videos then it's $69 dollars a year.

template club

I'd also recommend the one-time offer $1 for seven days to try out their template club then cancel it. You can download a lot of resources and keep those resources to use.

They are things like an extra hundred background videos, illustrations, images and  slides.


The next software is VideomakerFX. It's very similar to Explaindio and if you just get one of them I would probably get Explaindio.

With VideomakerFX you get a lot more slides and there are examples on their main page.

You've got character animations, text animations a few simple whiteboard slides and hand animation.

With Explaindio you can go into more detail because you can add your own illustrations and text and you can move it around in different ways so with explaindio you can do more.

template club

VideomakerFX is easier to get started and they've got a lot more slides. The cost of is $47 and that's a one-time payment rather than Explaindio where you pay per year.

I would recommend you join their template club for an extra for $37 just for one month and download everything because there's a lot there – around 2700 slides. After that just cancel it.

It's a monthly Club but you can download everything that's gone so far which is about three years worth for $37

I bought Explaindio and Videomakerfx with 1 month of the template club for each and now I've got thousands of slides, more than two hundred background videos and enough to do anything I want.


There are some free video resources and probably the best one is pixabay videos.

I sometimes use it for backgrounds and if I do a search for ‘background' you've got 860 free backgrounds.

Some of these are very short because they're looped. I've done a video already where you can see how to extend it so you can make the video go back-to-back and you can make it longer. You can see how to do that here.


Another free place is Pexels videos. There aren't as many backgrounds and not as many videos overall but then it gives you some other choices.


If you really can't find what you want in Pixabay or Pexels then you can try Videoblocks. They've got lots and lots of videos so you can find videos on lots of topics and you can load even more at the bottom.

Their membership content is $149 for the year and you can download as much as you like of that content.

This company has got three different websites Videoblocks, Audioblocks, and Graphicstock. They all work on a similar basis where you pay a fee and you can download as much as you like.

I am an affiliate for them and don't use them myself but I'm a supplier for their images and do believe in them.

I like the idea that you pay one time for the year and then can download as much as you want. It's an easy way if you're using a lots of videos, images or music.

Let's go to the next one where I sometimes get my music.  Explaindio's music isn't very good whereas VideomakerFX have got some really fast, upbeat music that I really like. A lot of the time I'll use the music from VideomakerFX for Explaindio.

What I've done is make a folder with lots of music from Videomakerfx and FreePD and I tend to pick my music from there.

In FreePD the categories I tend to use are acoustic, cinematic, and simple as I can find some lively fast music.


If you really can't find the music you want you can go to audioblocks. They've got thousands of different tracks.

You can sample the track if you hold the mouse over the over the graphic.

Audioblocks is $99 for the first year then $149 a year.


This next one is my website I've got 38,000 free images here that you can use for your website, blog, social media or presentations – anything like that.


What I've done on is mostly graphics like characters and cartoon type images and there are lots of backgrounds you can use.


Pixabay have got a million photos. They tend to be more photos than illustrations.


Lastly for images, you've got graphicstock. It's $99 for the first year then $149. That's for unlimited downloads.

You've got a lot of images and rather than pixabay where topics are limited, you'll get a lot more quality stock images.


We've got one more thing to look at and this is illustrations. I get mine from Iconfinder.

I sometimes pay for the illustrations for $1 or $2 but if you want to do a search for free ilustrations you select price as free.

If you're using them for your promotions it's worth clicking ‘for commercial use'.

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